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Payment Posting & EOB Analysis

We offer accurate and quick payment posting to help your practice speed up the processes. We can help you with payment posting through the following services:

  • Payments are recorded, and provider/staff are notified of any issues
  • Quality assurance of EOB to check the error-free processing of claims. 
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) posting and reviews
  • Immediate billing of patients after payment posting (must be approved by provider/staff) and claim reconciled.

We understand that payment entry is not a mere claims data entry job. It involves expertise and work experience to ensure the accuracy of information is maintained; payments are accurate, and, most importantly, proper analysis is done. Once we look at the rate and nature of any denials, we immediately utilize our denial management expertise to fix the issue and bring down the denials to the lowest rate possible. We ensure that all the steps of the medical billing process run smoothly.

Once payments are posted to your accounts, it presents an ideal occasion for us to analyze the medical office revenue cycle and notice any opportunities for improvement. Many problems may exist within the revenue cycle that can be resolved with accurate payment posting reviews. For example, identifying line denials is essential in resolving the reason for denial and preventing future claims from getting denied for the same reason. Accurate payment postings also affect claims submissions' accuracy to secondary and tertiary payers. If the primary payment is not posted correctly, the secondary and tertiary payers can not get billed incorrectly. 

The revenue cycle process greatly impacts the efficiency of your medical office staff. Sometimes your management may neglect the fact that their processes may be preventing the revenue cycle from functioning at maximum performance. Once Preferred Medical Billing Services LLC has the problem identified, it is necessary to determine whether a particular process could be added, improved, or removed in order to enhance the effectiveness of your revenue cycle. We are a TEAM!

We know that an accurate and efficient payment posting process is indispensable for your healthcare office. We believe that streamlining the payment posting procedure is an effective way of improving our client's revenue cycle especially as the process affects many other A/R functions of the practice.

We have been providing high-quality medical billing at cost-effective prices for over 17+ years now to clients around the US. If you are looking to outsource payment posting procedures, feel free to connect with us and we will get back to you at (919) 237-9080 or

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