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Denial Management

It is essential to evaluate the root cause of denials and devise a strategy to eradicate it. PMBS can help practices and physicians design a plan of denial management to minimize denials and increase revenue. Having comprehensive details about your claim denials will allow you to focus on the most frequent reasons for denials in the most efficient way because you will know if it is payer, location, specialty, or provider-specific. Our services will help you get paid faster and boost the claim acceptance rate by eradicating the root cause of the claim denial.

If you audit your data carefully, you will find that the number of days is much higher than expected. In fact, denials are the root cause when a provider's revenue cycle is stuck on reimbursements.

Whenever your claim is denied, you must be manually reviewed and fixed, then resubmitted, so it has another chance to be adjudicated. We at Preferred Medical Billing Services LLC believe your claims should not be denied in the first place. We know that any denial claim adds at least two weeks to pay. If you have a high denial percentage (e.g., 12% to 20%), that percentage of revenue is stretched across multiple months before it is paid. You have a choice, let us do your claims denial audit, and we can identify common errors, and we will make sure that you will get paid at the first instance or risk decreased revenue and more denied claims. Also, we can help reduce the denial percentage; ultimately, we will help you increase the overall revenue of your practice.

The denial of a claim is the refusal of an insurance company or carrier to honor a request by a provider or an individual to pay for healthcare services received from a healthcare professional. 

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