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We care about our clients and your patients!

Credentialing Services

Credentialing comes BEFORE your first claim is submitted. Failing to manage the credentialing and contracting process will cause a loss in revenue. To most, credentialing is a long-drawn-out process, waiting on hold with provider relations and gathering tons of documentation No worries! 

Here’s how we can help!

  • Initial Credentialing including *Provider letter of interest, application requisition from Payers, and submissions
  • Follow up with all carriers until application approval.
  • Ongoing maintenance of CAQH (every 4 months),
  • Resolution of all credentialing related billing issues, changes, and updates
  • Handling Re-Credentialing
  • Renegotiations with payers
  • Payment issues or claims issues direct to provider representatives

Reasons we can help YOU!

  • No stack of paperwork and never-ending applications headache
  • A comprehensive list of all the required information and supporting documents and the necessary work, including filling and attaching the required papers. The thing left for you is only you have to SIGN the paper.
  • Insurance companies pay at a faster rate.
  • Committed project manager allotted to your file
  • Taking phone calls, follow-ups, e-mails, and faxes in time, with quick and assistive responses.
  • 24/ 7 admittance to the credentialing project until credentialed
  • We have a comprehensive record of deadlines and reminders about when and what we have received.
  • Completion of all applications and compulsory paperwork.
  • We remind your providers about their licenses expiring, malpractice insurance, and smooth relicensing requirements.
  • Trusty services are provided at exclusively affordable prices

Let us lessen your administrative burden, and you can manage your practice. Call us today at 919-237-9080 or email us at

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