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Your Medical Billing Solution!

Preferred Medical Services is focused on providing premium service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your practice's medical billing expectations and needs. Our providers experience less stress and peace of mind knowing that their practice is collecting as much revenue as it is generating.

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Therapists: Outsourcing your Insurance Billing FAQ
I interviewed Tiffany about how to outsource insurance billing, how to avoid insurance problems, understanding how to use an external biller, etc. It is primarily about therapists working in private p...
We understand that navigating the healthcare system can be extremely difficult; obtaining accurate reimbursements is extra time consuming, and running a practice is more expensive than ever. Preferred Medical Services provides a full-service medical billing company who is dedicated to providing you with an all-inclusive, personalized, top-notch claims billing & revenue cycle management services. We combine cutting-edge technology with our medical billing expertise along with a calming, patient-focused atmosphere. You will love our friendly service, professional and supportive staff.

We are currently accepting new practices. Call (919) 237-9080 now or email to schedule an appointment to see how PMS can help your practice's revenue grow and help your billing need.  

Distance is not an issue as we currently have clients all over the USA. Currently serving clients in MA, NH, TX, NM, CA, WA, GA, and NC.

87% of all physician practices agree their billing and collections systems/processes need upgrading!

Patient financial responsibility continues to grow in the US. The rise in HDHP's have shifted considerable costs burdens onto the patients, many struggling to keep up. We help your practice offer flexibility in offering patient payment plans which allows them to pay in a timely manner but not in an overly-burdensome manner and leads to better patient-provider moral and health benefits.
If you want to upgrade your billing and collection processes, there is no better time to start than NOW! Call TODAY     (919) 237-9080 to get started!
Client Review:
"I Chose PMS because they were featured by another therapist on her networking site and Tiffany seemed proactive, responsible, good natured, and aggressive about getting her clients their money. And she is all of that... She deeply understand the special challenges that go along with medical billing for behavioral health, doesn't like loose ends.. doesn't mind explaining everything, and insist on doing everything perfectly on her end. Mostly I hired Tiffany because when I call her at 9pm with random questions, she takes my calls. And that's midnight her time. She answers calls on the weekend. She answers emails on the weekend. She doesn't say "everything will be fine- don't worry." She says "I will make it work, and I will do the worrying for you, and I'll let you know what I need from you. In the meantime, run your practice and see your clients." T DeSoto, San Bruno, CA

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