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Choosing a Medical Billing Service

Medical billing is indeed a difficult task, which requires expertise, time, and dedication which results in faster payment, zero delays, and low denials. Outsourcing your billing enables you to increased cash flow without any of the stress. The most essential service, per our providers, is the handling of ALL patient billing inquiries and statements. We offer a full-service revenue cycle process yet we're flexible in the services such as on an ‘a-la-carte’ basis. Our percentage pricing can be customized based on the services that you require.

Handing billing over to a medical billing service has proven to be a cost-effective solution to a medical practice plus the constant challenges brought about by the ever-expanding regulations and requirements involved with getting reimbursements from government payers and commercial insurers. 

The medical office staff is able to give more attention to your patients and build better relationships so the patients feel that your practice cares for them and they are not just a number. Preferred Medical Services even takes patient phone calls/emails with complaints and questions about their bills, which saves office staff a lot of time and frustration. We also will mail statements, will the provider's approval.

Preferred Medical Services has a system in place, managed by experienced billing professionals, which reduces errors resulting in less rejected and denied claims, and keeps watch on unpaid claims in the appeals process until they are paid.

Providers feel outsourcing their billing comes with little to no risk to the practice because medical billing companies work on commission, accepting a percentage of collections like Preferred Medical Services. If collections drops or the billers are unsuccessful, they don’t get paid, so the providers feel the medical billing companies' incentive is very high to maximize the amount of reimbursement they can receive thus limiting unpaid claims. 

If you haven’t outsourced your medical billing yet, it’s time to assess whether you can afford not to. We understand that it is a BIG change and making the wrong choice is risky, so we are happy to discuss how our Preferred Medical Services can benefit your practice and answer any questions you may have. 

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